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Experiential Performance  •  Projection Mappiing

Using projection mapping as a technique, this is an immersive multi-sensory performance created for a class at Brown University.

This technical theatre class under the music department opened up my eyes to seeing the possibilities of technology, and gave me a chance to bring the large scale immersive qualities I long craved for into a proper performance space. For the final performance, I was given the chance to take charge of anything visual, and I jumped at using projection mapping to create immersive scenes. As I took up the role of being the technician during the performance as well, controlling all visual and special effect cues, I had first hand experience understanding the power of technology. From writing the script to building scenes to figuring out technical effects to rehearsing, my team of 3 completed the whole process within 2 weeks, and in the end we successfully created a multi-sensory journey to immerse our audiences in. This project also taught me the importance of collaborating with other creative individuals. 

The graphics below were built on Max MSP and respond to the audio levels of the actor.

I built these virtual scenes on Sketchup, including a living room and a cafe. As the play dealt with themes of existentialism and self discovery, we wanted clips of space as a backdrop. I then curated a list of space videos, and edited them on Premier Pro into the best sequence.

Examples of projected virtual scenes I created for stage design

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