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Branding  •  After Effects  •  Illustrator  •  Photoshop

An imagined branding project for Knoll to create a new visual identity for their sub-brand Knoll Workplace Research Library (KWRL). 

Style Guide

Inspired by the shapes of the original Knoll Logo, specifically the rectangles of the "L"s, I experimented with different ways of creating a frame as a logo. This frame works to expand vertically and horizontally to alternative versions of the logo. 

Primary Logo


Horizontal Logo

Asset 21.png

Symbol Mark

Asset 20.png

As seen in the animation below, the way it expands and retracts is inspired by the movements of sliding drawers and stacked chairs. A gradient system is also added to the overall sub-brand identity to visually portray the different moods, energies, and people interacting in the same space, which is a concept especially explored in the paper I have chosen about co-working spaces.

Inspired by co-working spaces as a growing workplace movement, the set of posters are inspired by floor plans, and uses the gradient visual identity. The different icon shapes symbolize different people within the space, and the foot trails show how interactive a co-working space can be and how interdisciplinary it is. 


KWRL Posters RISD.jpg
KWRL Posters RISD.jpg
KWRL Posters RISD.jpg

Showroom Mockup

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