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Pop-up Ice Cream Pavilion   •  Concept Design and Excecution

Ice cream pavilion by day, art sculpture by night, Dockside Diary is a terrazzo Ice Cream Pavilion situated in Hong Kong's historic waterfront site of Victoria Dockside. Created over my summer internship at Joyce Wang Studio (HK), I was given the chance to follow the project from start to finish, including designing the concept sketch, drafting on CAD, choosing materials and colour palette. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 8.29.06 AM.png

This food kiosk was a collaboration with a well known local cookie shop: Cookie DPT. I was directly in charge of communicating with the fellow vendor regarding choosing flavors, and what machines and tools they require at the kiosk. Their needs and desires, such as having an open working table, and divots for utensils and toppings, all informed my design choices.

As the kiosk was situated in one of Hong Kong's most well known landmarks, the Victoria Harbour, we wanted include elements very unique to Hong Kong in the kiosk's design choices. 


The shape and canopy structure of the kiosk was inspired by vintage Hong Kong food stalls and old amusement parks. Whereas the Terrazzo material is a nod to Hong Kong's most authentic and traditional buildings. 

Concept sketches I drew for the constructions team


I was also in charge of picking Pantone colour shades for our customized Terrazzo material and liaisoning with the factory. 


Colour trials on a mockup


This gave me a great opportunity to self learn CAD for the internship


CAD designs for the client and constructions team


Photo courtesy of Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong and Cookie DPT

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