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Mixed Media  •  UV Printing  •  NodeBox

Inspired by the beautiful experience of listening to music, I created this digital concept sketch of how listening to music can transport me to another world, as if sitting inside a digital cube with surround walls projecting graphics that accompanied the soundscapes.

But creating this concept digitally didn’t satisfy me, as something as abstract as music and sound was just waiting to be explored physically. In this UV printed three-dimensional plexiglass cube sculpture, I wanted to manifest the experience of listening to music into a physical object. The transparent and reflective quality of the plexiglass creates an illusion that challenges conventional optical boundaries. By documenting the object with photography and curated stage lighting, a moment where the lines collide in the middle of the plexiglass cube is captured, creating a visual meeting point. 

I wanted audiences to imagine sitting inside this sensorial and dynamic cube and watch lines of sound waves dance around them.

Documentation of plexiglass cube

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